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The Harris Hydroelectric Permanent Magnet Turbine is manufactured by Lo Power Engineering, a husband-wife owned business. The original turbine was developed by Don Harris more than 26 years ago. The permanent magnet turbine was designed and introduced in 2000. The PM turbine was born of a desire to improve efficiency and simplify maintenance. In 2004, when Don decided to retire, we took over the production of the permanent magnet turbine.

There are many steps to the completed turbine. There are castings to be machined, painted, anodized, and assembled. Castings are sourced from two different foundries; one in Nevada and one in Utah. Some of the processing is done by an outside machine shop and a plating facility in Southern California. The stators are wound to our specification by a facility in California as well. The magnets used in the PM come from China. Final machining and assembly happen in our shop.

We are located in the beautiful, rugged, coastal mountains of Northern California. We have lived off-grid for 25 years. When we came here, there was no house, no water, no power! With the help of our two children, then ages 4 and 9, we built a rammed earth house. Our home and small machine shop, just a short walk up the hill from the house, are solar and hydro-powered. One of the highlights of living here has been making the power for our home and shop needs. We never have a power outage!

We like being able to help people make their own power if they have suitable conditions. The Harris Hydro has been sold to customers throughout the USA and internationally (South America, Central America, Russia, France, UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

Lo Power Engineering is Denis Ledbetter, mechanical engineer and machinist, and Ellen Orlofsky, machinist assistant.

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